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Thank you, Hank and Danny

A Dedication to the Sedins

Thank you for between-the-legs shots,

and passes off the end wall.

Thank you for putting up with so much abuse,

and for rising above it all.

Thank you for your leadership,

even when under scrutiny.

Thank you for your dedication to the team,

the fans,

and community.

Thank you for your class, both on the ice,

and off it too.

Thank you for all you’ve done,

while wearing the Royal Blue.

Thank you, Hank and Danny, for 17 unforgettable seasons.

We hate to see you go, but we know you have your reasons. ∎

Derek Woo

By day, Derek builds email campaigns and marketing automations. By night, however, he switches gears and builds on his lengthy lists of unfinished writing drafts. And sometimes, when the stars align (literally – he usually should be sleeping when this happens), he finally finishes one of these drafts and publishes it in the hopes that someone, somewhere will enjoy the read.

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